iPhone SE 2020 - The New Flagship Killer From Apple

iPhone SE 2020 - The new flagship killer from Apple

iPhone SE 2020 - The new flagship killer from Apple

Yeah, you've read it correctly. Phone prices have been increasing uncontrollably high over the past few years. OnePlus has been known for its flagship specs at an affordable price for many years which made it a blockbuster in India. However, things seem to be changing now, OnePlus which has come out with its OnePlus 8 pro recently has blasted it with not only top-notch specs and sadly with a big price tag too. Now it has been a week since Apple officially teased its new iPhone SE.

Overview and Specs:

So, it's been a week since Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone SE 2. Smartphone prices are reaching rocket heights in the past few years. A couple of years ago Apple came up with iPhone XR which had cut the cost of budget flagships by $150. However, there hasn't been a proper replacement for the original iPhone SE for a couple of years, a legendary phone which is known for its flagship specs for half of the price.

iPhone SE 2020 - The new flagship killer from Apple

Now speaking about the build dynamics it is made up of glass back which also supports wireless charging. It has the same dimensions (138.4mm × 67.3mm × 7.3mm) iPhone 8 which means all the iPhone 8 cases work just fine for the SE 2. iPhone SE 2 features the familiar touch ID with the big size bezels on the top and bottom. It is a well-balanced phone which weighs around 148g. Now the basic difference between the SE and the 8 is that the apple logo is moved into the middle to match the newer iPhones and is available in three colors with black bezels up-front.

The thing which cuts the cost by half is the R&D, the complete documentation, and the legalization spent for a new design is zero. That is the reason why the original iPhone SE is built on the iPhone 5 platform while the newer iPhone SE 2020 is based on the 3-year-old iPhone 8 platform with a spec bump.

Coming to the display, it has the same 4.7-inch retina true tone color display. It is equipped with a 720p display with a resolution of 750×1334 which means a pixel density of 326ppi. So, people familiar with the original SE screen will be perfectly comfortable with SE as it also has the same PPI density. The irony is that even though its camera can do up to video 4k, we can only see a one-ninth of the high-resolution video recorded by the camera on the phone.

iPhone SE 2020 - The new flagship killer from Apple

The internals as expected is one of the features, which created such a big hype for iPhone SE 2. The major difference from the iPhone 8 is with the internals since the SE 2 features the crazy fast A13 Bionic chip which is the same one which is present in the most latest Apple’s flagship phones. It comes with a four-core graphics card.

Speaking about the cameras, it features a 12MP single rear camera with an aperture of f/1.8. Now, although it is the same camera as the iPhone 8 because it features a blazing fast processor it also supports video recording at 4k@60fps with the rear camera. Other camera features include the well-known portrait mode which apple calls 'monocular depth-sensing' which means it only works for people and not on pets or objects. Coming to the front camera it is 7MP(f/2.2). Both the cameras are equipped with OIS which not only accounts for the industry-leading video quality but also for best in class portraits. However, night photography and video in dark spaces is a downgrade when compared to the newer iPhones due to the SE's smaller sensor size.

iPhone SE 2020 - The new flagship killer from Apple

The battery is about 1960mAh and with the included 5W charger in the box, it takes just more than an hour to fully charge. Since it has a very small screen and the most efficient chip, the battery is expected to last for an average day. Additionally, Apple has announced that the SE2 will also support fast charging up to 18W with a suitable brick which charges the phone in under 40 minutes. Lightning headphones are also included in the box.

iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 3GB RAM and with IP67 Dust and Water Resistant and also supports Qi wireless charging.

Additional features include TouchID, wifi 6, NFC, single nano-sim slot, and e-sim support and all the essential sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity, ambient light, compass/magnetometer, and the barometer). Lastly, it supports haptic feedback which is long-press replacing 3D touch.

iPhone SE 2020 - The new flagship killer from Apple

Finally, it will be available in three colors black, white, and product red. It runs on the latest iOS 13 out of the box. The 64GB variant costs about Rs.42,500 whilst the 128GB variant is around Rs. 47,800 and the 256Gb variant cost about Rs.58,300. It costs more (More than OnePlus 8 base model which starts at 41,999 in India) compared to the United States because of GST in India.

While In the USA, the 64GB variant costs about $399 and the 128GB variant is around $449 and the top model which the 256Gb variant cost around $549.

Simply put, it is basically a much more good looking spec bumped iPhone 8 with okayish battery life.

In terms of repairability and durability, Apple is pretty weak and that glass back makes it even fragile. Currently, Apple charges a ⅔ of the money to replace the back glass panel($269) and a more reasonable $129 to replace the screen of the SE 2.

iPhone SE 2020 - The new flagship killer from Apple

So, the final verdict, this phone which will be massive in terms of sales in the US, however, in the Indian market it is messy because of the OnePlus 8 phone which costs less than iPhone SE 2020. We can’t predict so we will wait and see what happens about the sales of iPhone Se 2020, Time tells everything.

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