What is NFC?

What is  NFC?

NFC stands for near-field communication. NFC is a set of communication protocol which enables 2 electronic devices (one of  which is usually a portable device) to establish a communication by bringing both the devices with-in a distance of 4 cm from each other.
Also, NFC can be used for transferring files. It can achieved by bringing both the devices close to each other with their backs touching.
Although, NFC is  primarily used for making contact-less payments. NFC chip is basically a chip some coils which get activated when they are subjected to a particular frequency.
NFC is a common feature included in flagships these days.

NFC is mostly  used for contact-less payments, due to its small range which makes it less vulnerable to hacking. Additionally, since NFC doesn't required power supply, contact-less cards are also introduced by companies like VISA.

Although, NFC seems to be unsecure, but it is equally secure when compared to credit or debit cards. Also, NFC cards are almost near impossible to decode and hack because of their high.

However, we can make it most secure by taking simple measures like:
1) enabling verification (bio-metric) will help a lot.

Finally, Apple pay, Samsung pay, Google pay are made possible only because of NFC.

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