The Airpods we want - The Airpods Pro


Apple has added one more product to its "Pro" range of products,the APPLE AIRPODS PRO. Apple has discontinued the AIRPODS 2 and launched much better version of AIRPODS.


The main difference is that it now comes with buds which makes it much more comfortable than ever before. The AIRPODS PRO is smaller than the old generation AIRPODS. It has shrunk by 14 mm in length. The new AIRPOD'S case is much broader although shorter in height.

However, AIRPODS case is the the most pocketable case till date. Although it is heavier by 1.4g (5.4g AIRPODS PRO) than AIRPODS, it doesn't feel because of its new redefined design. While the AIRPODS sticks are at a right angle,the AIRPODS PRO sticks are at an obtuse angle.


It offers upto 4.5 hours of usage on a full charge. The case offers upto 24 hours of usage on a full charge. Additionally,the case also supports QI wireless charging other than TYPE-C.


AIRPODS PRO is powered by the new "H1"chip. The "H1chip" in AIRPODS PRO has Upto 30 percent less latency than "W1" chip in AIRPODS. Also, the new improved software makes it sound more natural. Similar to AIRPODS it has dual beamforming microphones.


Mainly, AIRPODS PRO comes with IPX4 rating making it useful to use it even during workouts.
Secondly, it has the best active noise cancellation of all wireless earbuds with refresh rate at 200 times per second (according to Apple).
Thirdly, a transparency mode is provided which can be enabled by long pressing the AIRPODS PODS sticks instantly. The AIRPODS app also has an ear-tip fit test which checks whether the size of buds is suitable or not using the sound. It also comes with voice activated Siri support. Also, a wide range of sound enhancements are provided in the new app with the AIRPODS PRO.

Finally, AIRPODS PRO is price at 25000 rupees(250$ in US) in INDIA and is available in all official and approved reseller stores. Lastly, the 3 colour options are made available with AIRPODS 2 has been changed to white for the AIRPODS PRO. Also, D-brand provides a wide-variety of skins for the case and for AIRPODS PRO also. Also three sizes (smaller, medium and large) of tips are provided in the AIRPODS PRO box.



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