MacBook Pro 16 inches

MacBook Pro 16 inches

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This year is the 'pro' year for Apple, iPhone 11 Pro, Airpods pro, iPad Pro and now the 16-inch MacBook pro. The near-trillion dollar company has recently launched Apple's flagship of laptops, the 16-inch MacBook pro. Identical to the previous generation, this MacBook pro also has astounding specs. The major changes include a redesigned keyboard, a better cooling system, and a bigger battery. It has been a year since the launch of 15 inch MacBook pro in 2018 and there had been many issues with the keyboard.

Build Dynamics:

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is bigger than its predecessor. This measures about 35.79 x 24.59  cm and has a thickness of 1.62 cm. This MacBook pro weighs about 2 kg (grown by 170 grams) although 2 kg is pretty decent considering its specs.
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Coming to the screen, it has 14% more pixels than its predecessor, boasts with a resolution of 3072 x 1920 pixels at 226 PPI. As always, it also supports DCI P color gamut for high-quality video editing. An added feature is that the refresh rate is adjustable with the new MacBook Pro.

Extra Bytes:

Since the previous version had many issues with the keyboard. This time Apple has changed the butterfly design to the old scissor mechanism. The new keyboard has a key travel of just 1 mm.

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Secondly, a dedicated  ESC key is provided on the top-left corner. Besides, that Touch ID is placed to the top-right corner which also acts as a power button. In the top-center is the touch bar. The new MacBook Pro has the biggest battery at 99.8 Wh (close to 100 Wh which is the regulation in most of the countries).

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The bigger battery makes the laptop much heavier than its predecessor. While it has 1-hour extra usage at 11 hours than the 2018 version. The Audio with this laptop is much improvised with the new Dual-Force Cancelling Woofers. Its the sound system has a total of 6 speakers which also support Dolby Atmos.
The new revamped cooling system has 28% more air intake and the heat sink is 35% more deficient. Three Studio quality microphones are provided for better audio recording and Siri functionality. Also,  4 thunderbolt-3 ports are provided. Although it has an enormous battery, a 96 W charger is included in the Box which charges the MacBook in no time.
Surprisingly, although the new iPhone has Wi-Fi 6 support this top-spec MacBook Pro doesn't. A 720p resolution camera is included for video calls.

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The MacBook Pro is a productivity powerhouse and suits all kinds of users with its wide range of variants. First, the memory is expandable up to 64GB DDR4 RAM. Second, the internal storage is expandable up to a whopping 8-TB. Third, the CPU can be chosen between Intel 9th gen core i9 8 core at 2.3 GHz which can be turbo boosted up to 4.8GHz (Base variant) and 2.4 GHz turbo-boosted up to 5 GHz (top variant). Fourth, the GPU is AMD Radeon's pro 5500 chipset, which can be chosen between 4GB and 8GB GDDR6 VRAM.

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Comparison for the base model and the top-spec model of MacBook Pro is given below:
Base Model
Top Spec
2.3 GHZ 8 core 9th gen Intel i9 processor, turbo boost upto 4.8 GHZ.
2.4 GHZ 8 core 9th gen Intel i9 processor, turbo boost upto 5 GHZ.
16 GB 2666 MHZ DDR4 RAM.
64 GB 2666 MHZ DDR4 RAM.
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4 GB GDDR VRAM.
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8 GB GDDR VRAM.
1 TB SSD storage.
8 TB SSD storage.

Finally, Apple this time around has resolved the user practical issues, added more punch to the MacBook Pro and made the audio even better. Although, the base model itself is very high end at 2799$, although the top-spec variant is only used by very few high profile people since it is priced at a whopping 6099$.

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