The Flagship of all phones back then - Moto Razr V3


The epic MOTO RAZR V3 was a big hit in early 2000's. MOTO RAZR V3 was launched in July 2004 worldwide. Back then, it was rivalling Nokia's 2600 series. However, there was no proper competition in this segment (foldable phone), so it had a pretty good success.
Despite the fact that Nokia was the king of phones industry, Motorola's market share has seen a growth of 5% with MOTO RAZR V3 at 1.3 million sales in just one year. This highly accomplished device had a breath taking specifications back then.

Build Design:

MOTO RAZR V3 is framed by an anodized aluminium case. It had the thinnest profile at 6.9 mm when unfolded (for comparison iphone 11's thickness is 8.3 mm). When folded there is a small screen on the top for checking time. When folded it measures 72 x 94 x 13.9 mm and 72 x 172 x 6.9 mm when unfolded. Although when compared to today's smartphones it looks Pretty thick (when folded) it was very common back then. Additionally, a mini USB port was provided at the bottom for charging and data transfer. A Mini sim (single sim) slot was also provided. Finally, there was no headphone jack for the device.


The main display (unfolded) was a 2.2 inch TFT display with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels which can give 4096 colours. It had a screen to body ratio of 29.3 percent. The secondary screen had a CSTN display with 96 x 80 pixels which can again give 4096 colours.

Hardware and software:

It had a very small 5.5 MB of internal storage. There were 3 games (Skipping Stones, Billiards, Golf) included, while other games are downloadable. It had 2G antenna which was quite common. It had a browser called WAP 2.0 / HTML.

Additional Features:

Firstly, a minute 0.3 MP camera was provided with this phone. Secondly, it includes Bluetooth 1.2 support. This VGA camera was able to record MP4 videos. It also had predictive text. Lastly the phone book supports upto 1000 entries and 10 dialed , 10 received and 10 missed calls in call log.


Although it had a very small 680 mah battery (removable) it had stand-by time of up to 280 hours and 7 hours of talk time. Also it was available only in Silver colour when released while Black colour was also added afterwards.
To wrap it up, it was a blockbuster then , with flagship specs, features like predictive text and a camera. When compared to today's flagships it is nothing at all. Nevertheless it is one in many which transformed the digital world.

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