What is Fast Charging


In the evolution of technology, the ever-growing standards of  technology, led to increase in power consumption. However, the increasing consumption had led to increase in battery sizes. The increase in battery sizes has led to an evolution in fast charging methods.
Initially, with Galaxy S1 and NOTE 1 a 5 watt charger was included. Currently, an average charger has a rating of 20-25 Watt.
Today, almost all phones come with a lithium ion battery (Li-ion) which operates at 3.7 volts which means 1 ampere of current at 3.7 volts which takes 1 hour to charge fully. Most of the chargers comes with 5 volts rating. Also the capacity of battery is measured in mah (milliampere per hour) which means 1000 mah battery gives 1 ampere of current for 1 hour.
Since, the enormous batteries used today takes hour's to charge if charged at 1 ampere (standard measure). So, Fast charging methods are used.
Additionally, since charging at higher speeds has many potential issues, new standards have been introduced. Finally, different tech companies use different names for different speeds off fast charging. To finish, the fastest charger used to charge a smartphone was whopping 105 watt which charged a 4000 mah battery in just 13 minutes which is developed by vivo (prototype).

Lastly, to calculate the wattage of your charger ,a simple trick is to just multiply the ampere and voltage.



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